Sunday, November 23, 2008

busy bee is very happy

We have been busy, busy bees over here. Crafting and baking are consuming our time these days. The house smells wonderful with cinnamon, pumpkin and sweet potato permeating through each room....mmm. I just love the smells of the holidays. Reef has been waking up each morning asking, "what we are baking today?" and screaming with joy at the chance to push the dining room chair into the kitchen to be my big helper in the very orange apron.

We baked maple 'leaf' cookies dusted with sanding sugar and they are oh. so. good. and filled them in our thankful bags that we made for some of our dear sweet neighbors. Reef and Jacob decorated, filled and hand delivered each bag. We made seven in total and it was great to talk about all that we have to be thankful for...hand-prints and pens were on the top of Reef's list. Who doesn't love a great pen?

Turkey hand-prints (which can be found here) and flower trees decorate our mantel and make me plain happy to look at.
The most exciting news of all.....I am teaching myself to knit!

I have always, always, always wanted to learn to knit and have officially finished one row on my needles. Now if I could just finish out how to make that second row I will really be going places. The amount of giddiness that overcomes me every time I think about knitting or picking up my needles is that of a silly school girl, but I can not help it. It brings me true happiness. For Christmas I am almost positive I am getting my sewing machine and then there will be no stopping me. If any of you have any suggestions or links for knitting or sewing machines I would love to have them!


Diana said...

I love Grosgrain. Not that I knit anymore. Which reminds me--I have a whole bunch of lovely soft cream yarn that's been across the country and back without ever actually becoming the afghan it always wanted to be, in case you ever want to fulfill its destiny. But kudos to you and your craftiness!

Maggie May said...

oh my gosh this is so cool! guess what Lola is getting for xmas from Gma Mary? a sewing machine! a real one, not a kiddo one. and i want to learn to knit too, i used to know how- my Gma Elizabeth taught me but i lost the trick of it over the years.
we'll have to learn it together. :)

who doesn't love a good pen?!