Tuesday, December 16, 2008

choo choo

One stormy, windy, rainy, foggy evening this Mom took her boys, one of her best friends, 0ne of the boys best friends and Uncle Carl to a place far, far away, known as Campo. This is where one boards the antique train that will take you all the way to the North Pole to pick up Santa.

It is very magical and includes hot cocoa, chocolate chip cookies, Christmas carols, Santa, jingle bells, a hobo and so much more. Reef told Santa that he would like a race car for Christmas. As Santa replied, 'a car,' Reef quickly corrected him with, 'NO! A RACE car please.' I am feeling confident that Santa will be able to fill this tall order. If you are ever looking for a magical evening on a train check it out here.

1 comment:

Maggie May said...

awwww!!! they are so cute in their jammies. that sounds like so much fun!