Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh, Christms Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree

We had such a lovely day today. The whole family plus my brother-in-law rode our bicycles down to our local Christmas Tree lot where we picked out our very own Christmas tree.

This was our third day Advent activity and it was by far the most fun for the whole family. We have this amazing dutch bicycle called a bakfiets and we (meaning my hubby - as I ride on my own bicycle hauling only a camera) hauled two kiddos, a Christmas tree and a wreath all the way home, which of course included a detour to our favorite local coffee shop for a well deserved coffee and warmed vanilla milk break. Life does not get any better than this! Well, I should mention that we met the most adorable pot-bellied pig named Chorizo at the humane society and that was definetly the icing on the cake for us today. Too bad you are not allowed to own a pig within city limits after said pig turns one year old. We would have been pleased as pie to have taken Chorizo home with us. Baxter our almost six month old pup absolutely adored Mr. Chorizo. They even have the same black and white markings.

For the second day of our Advent fun the boys made cloth ornaments by coloring white cotton fabric with fabric markers and stuffing them with batting. We will be using them as present toppers as well as to hang on our tree. Reef had a grand time decorating with markers and making happy faces, while my little Jacob mainly played peek-a-boo with his fabric. All in all it was simply a good time to be had by all. I must give credit where credit is due and a big Thank You to SouleMama who was the inspiration for this fun craft.

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Jaylyn said...

Nice photos..! The hunt for Christmas trees begins.