Friday, January 9, 2009

10 things I am loving right now...

I have to so much to be thankful for and am finding great joy, peace and happiness in the little and big things right now. Here are a few things, or 10 to be exact, that I am currently loving in the moment.
1.The 52 week self portrait flickr challenge. Here is my first shot. No makeup and hair so bad that a hat is a must. True typical rushed morning attire for me. I especially love this challenge as I truly have very few pictures of myself. It will be an interesting process to see how I change over the course of a year and how my photography style can become more creative and polished. I yearn to know my camera so well that it essentially becomes an extension of me.
2.The necklace in this picture is the second thing I am loving right now. It comes from Lisa Leonard Design and is my most favorite fun piece of jewelery to wear. Best part is that it goes with almost everything I own. It really is a beautiful design. Here is a better picture taken from Lisa's website.

3.Have you been to SouleMama's blog yet? She is one of my favorite blogs to read on a daily basis, but I have to say that her latest endeavor with Caps to Cap-Haitien is by far one of the most inspiring ideas to date. This is all about hand made love and making a small, but impactful difference in other's lives from one Mama to another Mama. This is the kind of movement that I can really get behind and support. A truly good for the soul way of being. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is hands down the best cup of coffee you will drink. The best part is that they buy all of their coffee organic, fair trade, support independent farms and are an independent company themselves. For all the fou - fou coffee drinkers out there, they have you covered too. Tea lovers...they have a great selection and I highly recommend a Moroccan mint tea latte. Can you say liquid vacation? I think so. I love my cup of joe.

5.Stubby pencil studio. I love all of their art supplies, but I have to say that the water color pencils are definitely a running favorite in our home. Even the husband is getting in on the action. I forgot to mention another great reason to love this company. They are eco-friendly!

6.Sunshine even in the winter. I appreciate when we have rain, crisp air and the change of the trees-ours is bare right now, but I am happy to have the sunshine as a constant in our lives. We love playing outdoors.

7.Don't you just love all of the vibrant colors? Sewing thread. Inspiring creativity one stitch at a time.

8.Homemade jam on some freshly made bread. It is the perfect second breakfast. Around here my boys require at least two if not three breakfasts. A friend made us the jam and we are so thankful for her sharing it with us. I think next year we may attempt to make our own. Supremely delicious.

9.Bike rides to the farmers market where we all pick out fresh fruits, vegetables, salsas and the required kettle corn. Taste testing is my favorite part.

10.The World Famous San Diego Zoo. We arrived at the Zoo when they first opened and were lucky enough to watch the flight of the parrots. The boys are so excited to observe the animals and I love hearing Reef talk about each animal, the noises they make, comment on their sizes and ask questions. I learn something new each time I visit the Zoo.

What are you loving right now?


Maggie May said...

i love this post. it makes me happy :)

feistywon said...

Love that jewlery - thanks for the link! Also, love all your pics on this blog. Wonderful!