Tuesday, January 6, 2009


With the New Year came a whole new variety of new foods for my little one to explore and he is now one happy eater. I love how he explores his new food. First a full texture exploration by hand. A glancing of color, (you can see him looking closely to make sure that whatever it is-it is no where near the color of peas) a brush against the nose with a quick inhale and then lastly a tentative bite of his food. He will spit out said food as quick as a flash whether he enjoyed it or not. It will either quickly go back in his mouth to be rapturously inhaled, or thrown in my hair. Today we joyously ate the pear!
Pears...sweet, juicy and delicious. A new love of Jacob's as you can see for yourself.
He savored every bite and then proceeded to wipe the floor clean with his napkin. He takes after his Mama.

Our new favorite family activity is bike riding. We all share a love for it and our bakfiets allows us to travel with both kids in tow and a bucket full of groceries. Running around doing our errands has never been more fun. The little bike Reef is riding on is called a LIKEaBIKE, it is a two wheel bicycle that he has been riding for months now. Reef has the most amazing balance on his bike. At two years old he is able to ride down hill with both feet up, off the ground, and make a turn. He even goes off little dirt jumps. This little wooden bike is a true gem. If you have a little one I highly recommend it.
With the New Year comes new habits. I have to say that I absolutely adore this idea. Three times a week a picture is a posted of the simple every day moments and a description of the captured moment using thirty words or less. I need this kind of habit. I am starting my own habit this week and hope you will join me. This is the kind of habit I can get into...like reading, sewing, knitting, baking and sale hunting. Yes, I am one of those...hunters of sales.


Maggie May said...

Hi sweets! I am so jealous of your bike riding- I LOVE to bike ride, and it's an awesome family activity. Jacob and Reef are so cute. Nuff said.

feistywon said...

Love your new pics and wishing you a fantastic new year!