Sunday, January 25, 2009

Positive Progression

It's my latest in favorite terms, courtesy of my Dad.
Positive progression
pos·i·tive (pz-tv)adj. Measured or moving forward or in a direction of increase or progress.
pro·gres·sion (pr-grshn)n. The process of progressing; progress. Movement from one member of a continuous series to the next.
My closet, the boys closet, the hallway/linen closet, the bath room cabinets and drawers and my knitting all fall under the category of positive progression. Let me clarify that I am not known for my organizing skills, but absolutely adore and crave organized space. So here I am doing best and conquering my house and new hobbies slowly but surely. In the past I would give organizing my best shot and remove all items from whatever area I was tackling, sort, throw away what was no longer needed or donatable (is that a word?) and reorganize, only, it never went back in organized. It was still a mess, or a system that was not functional and would quickly return to the disaster area it once was. After finding inspiration online, through magazines and friends I have finally started making progress. My closets that I have recently organized are still that way! Woohoo!!! I am also happy to report that my knitting is coming along very well and although I have had a few mishaps, I am making progress. My sewing....well let's not talk about that right now.
How are your closets or your entire house for that matter? Happily cluttered but you know where everything is more or less, or neatly organized and labeled? Any tips would be great.

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Diana said...

Organized in bursts. Does that count? I do so like my bins and boxes clearly labeled (pictures for the non-readers are a must), but things do drift from one to another over time. And no matter what, my linen closet slowly work itself into disarray despite my best efforts otherwise.