Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh Brother

As in my brother sewing machine which looks very similar to the one I have pictured above. I received this lovely sewing machine from a certain Mr. C. who happens to be the love of my life and fulfills most of my every whims, including my desire to learn how to sew. My poor dusty sewing machine has been set aside for months now, since mid-December to be exact and I finally found the courage and time to sew a little project on it. This was as simple as simple can get, though I did use a very fancy stitching for my project and am quite pleased with myself and my sewing machine. My simple Valentine's day project found below was just what I needed to gain some confidence in myself and renew my passion for sewing. I feel a succession of late night sewing rituals beginning. Now if I could just figure out how to finish cutting my pattern for a bag I would be all set.

These are the little 'bean' bags I made for the boys for Valentine's day. Quick and easy. I didn't have any beans on hand so I used couscous instead and found it to be a great substitute for the beans. I dropped in a little bit of peppermint extract to get rid of the whole-wheat smell that was really not very pleasant to the nose. Peppermint is supposed to be soothing right? So this means the boys will hopefully not be throwing these bags at each other, right?

A sneak peak at some more Valentine's day fun and it is off to finish knitting Mr. C's scarf.

Valentine cookies. Delivered to neighbors and friends with home made cards. Our Valentine's day buffet.


Maggie May said...

aww cute beanbags !!! great job, sweetie.

Maggie Madison said...

Congrats on the new brother! Nothing is more exciting than getting an infinite amount of potential and new possibilities in the form of something tangible. And also something that doesn't require 2 am feedings!
I expect to see lots more pics of finished projects!