Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Farmer in the Dell

Don't you just love the Farmer's Market? It has become our weekly ritual to pile the kids into the bakfeits. Grab our reusable bags and ride on down to the Market. This week my bicycle basket was just begging for flowers to adorn it. I thought that these were perfect. I don't know the name of these flowers, but I heart them. The boys and I smell them every time we pass by them in the house and each time they say...mmmmm...smells good, Mom. And they are right. Heavenly to look at and to smell. Of course the fresh produce and delightful homemade specialty food that they have to offer is wonderful too. Organic and locally grown, really, what more could you ask for. Here is part of our dinner from the other night using fresh produce purchased at the market.

If you get the chance to support your local farmer please do so. It is better for you and better for the environment. Plus it is great fun trying all of the free samples. Yum...it's like Costco's free samples only better.
I had to show you this one last picture. When you peel an orange do you ever try to get the whole peel off in one try? I sometimes do and as I peeled this orange in one shot I discovered that it looked like a turtle. How funny is that!?! Just thought I would share. Too bad it didn't turn out to look like a famous person, portrait or religious figure as I could sell it on ebay and make my millions! HA!

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