Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

My friends and family have been blessed lately and I thought I would share the good news. Happiness is contagious and I am sure that we could all use a little bit of that everyday.

1. My sister-in-law and brother are pregnant!!! Check it out here.

2. My friend who is a wonderful writer had another publishing! You can find the link on her blog.

3. We went to the Wild Animal Park to see the butterfly exhibit and a butterfly actually landed on the top of my head and hung out there for quite some time. The boys squealed with delight.

It's a family affair

Basically, if it has wheels and the ability to go fast, then it is welcome in our home. My boys ages one and two are already riding on skateboards. I am excited as this is something we all have fun doing together as a family, but a little concerned as to where this will take them as they get older. Perhaps I should start working a little bit faster on getting my nursing degree. I see a lot of sprained body parts in our near future.

Either way both boys are very excited (thank you Grandma) and even have insisted that they sleep with their boards. I have insisted that they NOT sleep with their boards, but instead, find a special spot to leave their boards for the night and when they wake up they may put their helmets on right away (no hair brushing required before) and carefully WALK around the house until it is time to go. Thank goodness we replaced the original single pane, non-tempered windows in the house, all twenty-three of them. This is going to be a very fun spring/summer. I love watching my children as they learn and navigate new experiences in life.